33 Reasons Not To Write (with Video)

  • Think about it all the time
  • read a bunch of best sellers in the same genre as your book
  • rehearse your writing in your mind while taking no action to capture it
  • swear you’ll write it down, record it, etc. as soon as you….get home, find a recorder, blah blah
  • take lots of courses to learn how
  • think that if you don’t, you are in some way denying your legacy
  • think that if you don’t, you are in some way denying your God-given contract
  • think no one else has your understanding of your subject
  • think that your life is so interesting everyone will care just because you think you do
  • fall in love
  • fall out of love
  • consume yourself with cleaning
  • debate endlessly your true path in life
  • be multitalented and pulled by others into areas you are good at but don’t care about
  • be in constant need for thrill
  • seek instant gratification like weeding
  • be a consummate collaborator
  • be terrified that your unique contribution really has no validity because it stands on the shoulders of your mentors
  • lack total self discipline
  • experience deep grief
  • incessantly write your stories in your head
  • talk your stories away in social conversation
  • obsess on perfectionism
  • have so many different stories you don’t know which to tell
  • do give a crap
  • want to just initiate stuff and don’t want to polish
  • great ideas, but no delivery without a serious ultimatum-“dead—LINE”
  • you get too fancy for human consumption—you talk over folks heads, you can’t bring it down to everyday language
  • you are an idea person
  • you are dyslexic, add, adhd, and any other medical excuse
  • your back hurts when you sit too long.
  • You just don’t know where to start, when to stop

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