Can’t believe I fell for that!


Falling, through the window-so many were falling-any little flecks you think you see are there.

Falling, through the window-so many were falling-any little flecks you think you see are there.

Things fall.

Today, the leaves fell from my great ASH tree.

Like giant golden snowflakes, streaming from above

I lay in my bed gazing out the window

Tibby too was transfixed by the phenomenon

Classical music played gently.

It was poetry, beauty, rhythm.

One solitary leaf,

Then a sudden flurry.

Some land on branches below and then the wind billows and they blow.

How do they know to do that?

They fall in the fall.

They fall and fertilize.

The fall brings spring fruit.

Have you fallen lately?

Better watch out- Santa will shout.

Fall in the Sergeant with shout.

Into what have you fallen?

Out of what have you fallen?

Who has fallen before you?

Have you helped the fallen?

Have you judged the fallen?

Are you fallen?

What happens after the fall?

For whom have you fallen?

Who has taken a fall for you?

I fell for me, off a step, jammed my wrists.

I fell, so I wear hand guards to sleep.

Things fall on me, so I wear a bib.

I fell so many times as a child I went pro.

I made a career as a clown and  Fall Gal.

I defied gravity with levity.

23 years ago, Lost several Fall guys and I quit-sorta.

I knew it was time to step up to a new life

…well one more fall couldn’t hurt….

22 years ago today off a cliff I fell.

I fell, so I get a handicap hang tag.

70 years ago today Pearl Harbor fell.

Did the market fall today?

Would I trade my hang tag to not have fallen?

I would trade my tag for the ability to walk pain free.

BUT would I trade the greatest gift I ever gave myself?

The very thing that sent me to the deepest soul searching of my life?

The fall that tumbled me from the egotistical heights of superman/madonna to a cripple?

Would I relinquish the humility and compassion and gratitude I gained from inching myself to the edge of a bed in order to fall off of it, in order to drag my numb body across the floor to a shower in order to pee in it because I couldn’t get up on to the toilet?

Would I trade the knowledge I gained from searching for how to walk again?

The knowledge and insight that I have shared across continents?

The wisdom I can impart for my colleagues who have also fallen.

The daily reminders to be true to who I truly am?

Things fall…into place..eventually….and then…

we can spring back!

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