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Poem and thoughts often random of the author

Dear Sisters, Dear Brothers

Dear Sisters, Dear Brothers “God never stops being us Let’s stop stopping to be God.” Dear Sisters So many amazing women fill my life with such riches. They know me They know themselves I am safe standing naked before them. What an astonishing feat to experience. Simple, unveiled, raw, bleeding, Wounded, radiant and glowing. Powerless, […]

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GREAT TREASURE -Poetry In Flight

April 29, 2018 Flying to Fort Lauderdale, rehearsing her show, working on memorizing lines The lines of the email and the poem The email to Susanne About coping with Kenny’s death   And while she does this—trying to memorize an email she wrote to Susanne, her death, fresh grief … It wells up. It is […]

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33 Reasons Not To Write (with Video)

Think about it all the time read a bunch of best sellers in the same genre as your book rehearse your writing in your mind while taking no action to capture it swear you’ll write it down, record it, etc. as soon as you….get home, find a recorder, blah blah take lots of courses to […]

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Poem: Garden or Glass

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Can’t believe I fell for that!

  Falling, through the window-so many were falling-any little flecks you think you see are there. Things fall. Today, the leaves fell from my great ASH tree. Like giant golden snowflakes, streaming from above I lay in my bed gazing out the window Tibby too was transfixed by the phenomenon Classical music played gently. It […]

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