GREAT TREASURE -Poetry In Flight

Wing and Clouds                                                               Photo by  Lisa Loving Dalton

April 29, 2018

Flying to Fort Lauderdale, rehearsing her show, working on memorizing lines

The lines of the email and the poem

The email to Susanne

About coping with Kenny’s death


And while she does this—trying to memorize an email she wrote to Susanne,

her death, fresh grief …

It wells up.

It is so raw yet within and hardly beneath the skin.


I wonder how it is that she has chosen to address this first and foremost?

She made a promise to herself to memorize these two pieces for Florida.


I see great wisdom playing her strings like a marionette

I see the recalcitrant, timid and wounded girl shying away from this task


What for must Lisa do this?

Why does it need to be done at all?

Why can’t she go quietly into the day?

What source feeds this being,

Who relentlessly hikes forth into the rugged mountain of life?


Why can she not just rest?

What restless being operates these strings?

The Strings of fate? Of karma? Of Love?

The lyre of love is at play.


How do her efforts’ wakes swell and wash those near to her?

Does this tornado lift them to a better life today?

Does it spin them, their lives to see a new?

A clear, uplifted view?


Does she drain them or

Help some hidden parts reclaim them?

Can her radiance refill that which

Her receiving draws forth from their till?


Ah, death, ah grief, ah art, ah life.

May this being’s spirit infuse her with grace,

With courage, with loving thoughtful awareness.

May her actions bring to all of those in her pace

A kind of enlightenment ideal in all respects for their deepest being.


If she strays into fear, therein lies disease.

For those who inspire can infect with equal measure.

May she trust that she is safe, now and always.

May she know her safety is in her faith.

May she know this truth as great treasure.


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