Power Gestures: Awakening Power Now


Have you ever had an aha moment where you finally understood how a bad habit was hurting you and how you can kick it? You go to a seminar and learn some great things and they work…for about a week. You are so enthusiastic but then you find yourself doing the same old things as before! You need Power Gestures.

Or maybe you get some great bodywork to relieve stress but as soon as you standup and start walking, the tension gradually rebuilds. You are reactivating the energy patterns that caused the stress in the first place.

Part of the problem is that our beliefs, as Bruce Lipton might say, have become our biology. Your body is literally carrying chemicals that trigger emotional states implanted in your posture and movements, a long time ago, affecting how you walk, sit, and stand. Old habits pop right back in with every movement.

We need to repattern the cellular neurology with Power Gestures. We do this by engaging multiple levels of our being so the metaphysical meets the psychology and the physiology- or what I call meta-psycho-physiology.

Change is challenging. 

Facing Fear or Running From It, which will be most helpful?              Photo Credit Stuart Anthony

Most people would rather live with their pain and fear than venture into the unfamiliar territory of sustained peace, clarity, joy and vitality. Most people just strive to survive and never thrive. No matter how enlightened the mind, the body holds our biography in its very cell structure.

Your body holds your identity and it sends that into the world.

One glance and we know so much about each other on first impressions. My mother sees my chest sunken and comments. But I will never stand up straight for long just because I am told too. I will stand up straight when I am free from the reason that I curve my shoulders and sink my chest, in the first place. When my pain and shame are transformed into the natural state of ideal health, self-awareness and empowerment, I will effortlessly stand up straight with no prompting.

Admit that something isn’t working.

Michael Chekhov Master Teacher Lisa Dalton teaches at SETC

Life is a series of contrasts and ignoring our wounds rarely leads to deep healing. Free yourself from hiding the hurt. 

What do you want that you don’t have? What is scaring you right now and how do you wish things were?

Do you lack Great ideas, good health, ample money, loving relationship, respect, power, freedom, safety? 

Stating what the reality is of your current disempowered state is like identifying your current location when getting GPS directions. If you don’t know where you are beginning your journey, it will be hard to get directions to your goal.

Announce your ideal, your victorious win.

Can you imagine having complete victory over all that frustrates, maddens or saddens you?

It’s important to know where you want to go-can’t use that GPS to get there unless you know where there is.

Crafting PERSONAL POWER GESTURES and moving through them releases the undesired images and anchors the desired image into your being.

“One of the most simple, nonverbal, powerfully effective, instant healings that I have ever experienced on my path of awakening.”

Adva Mey


Chekhov Psychophysical Workout

Through a series of universal archetypal movements, we can discover what energies we have lost connection with, and rewire our bodies to feel safe experiencing movement in the entire range of potential states desired.

The power of the movement multiplies when you use your imagination to move your etheric energy body too. The power also multiplies when using big emotions, just like visualization and mantras. Each time you move from the wound, the disempowered state, through to the win, you are repatterning your cells to transform what triggers you with an actionable process leading to victory.

In my book, Falling For The Stars-A Stunt Gal’s Tattle Tales, amidst the splashy stories of stars, I reveal a great deal of abuse in the film industry. In Big Bumps, the stage show based on that book, I get even more personal. #MeToo- I talk about being raped, publicly humiliated and the subsequent four years trapped in an abusive relationship. I went on to an amazing life filled with rich relationships, making a global impact.  My Power Gesture was central to turning my PTSD into a path of thriving.

You can use power gestures for deep needs and more subtle ones. You can power-gesturize your mantras or affirmations. Mix them with Gene Keys, Enneagram, Mudras, Ecstatic Dance, and many more modalities.

You can create a PG every morning for how you want your day to go. Make a gesture for what you are afraid might happen, the wound, and then the transition gesture will be the way you ensure your win.



Taste the freeing, self-balancing practice that my sister Susanne and I have been developing over the past decade, Power Gestures. The approach has been wonderfully helpful in rapidly generating and sustaining deep transformation of disempowered states to joyous ones.

THE GIST: If Belief becomes Biology…then we need to create new biology to hold new healthy beliefs!


Here is Adva Mey’s observation following a spontaneous coaching with Power Gesture:

I was sharing a frustrating relationship where I lose my center of clarity and power. Lisa guided me through three simple stages of expressing with sound, movement and gestures. In ten minutes I was back in my power, balance and clarity and have stayed there. It was one of the most simple, nonverbal, powerfully effective, instant healings that I have ever experienced on my path of awakening.

The playshop will be highly interactive, so do come dressed ready to move. Bring hydrating beverage, a journal or notebook, and a personal challenge you’d love to transform. Come ready to play with an open heart.


A few weeks ago I visited  Lisa D. I was sharing about my frustration with some dynamic with my daughter where I lose being in my center of clarity and power. Lisa D asked me if I’d like to find my center again and if so, am I willing to stand up. A “yes” came out of me, as I stood up. She guided me through three simple stages of expressing with sound, movement and gestures.

First was my frustration that had lots of anger and rage in it, I found myself pushing my energy out and feeling that I am losing my power.

Second, she asked me to bring the energy back to myself and find that gesture.

Third, she said imagine yourself in front of your daughter now, and feel the energy and the gesture that wants to arise for that.

This took 10 minutes. I found the three gestures, the movement of these gestures brought me back to balance, clarity and being in my power.

When I came home and was with my daughter, the energy in me had changed and to my surprise, her energy changed too, with no words. The confusion that I had in me about the dynamic between us was gone. And it seems that my clarity affected her and her behavior.

I found that nonverbal experience is way more powerful for me than a verbal therapy.

I feel that I saved time and money in this instant power effect of healing.

Lisa D is a nonjudgmental healer-teacher and has been on the awakening path for many years. She is compassionate, sensitive, funny, daring, and a role model for me, for how to be in my power, because she embodies hers. She is pouring all her gifts into one basket with this teaching that leads us to embody our awakening here and NOW.

It’s so simple and yet so powerful.