Coaching Fees

The payment process is through Paypal to [email protected]
The payment must be sent and cleared prior to the start of each lesson.

Option A: One-hour coaching is $150 USD.
If you choose this, you pay for each lesson in advance and you decide how long you want the lesson to be.

Option B: 10-hour package is $1000 delivered in Five (5) two-hour lessons. This is a saving of $500 for 10 hours.
This package can be paid for all at once, $1000USD before we begin.
In payments according to the following, where regular price is paid for the first three lessons and then the last several hours are free:
Lesson #1 $300 for 2 hours (We should expect to be about 2:15 to allow: 15 free minutes to get up and running on Skype.)
Lesson #2 $300 for 2 hours
Lesson #3 $300 for 2 hours
Lesson #4 $100 for 2 hours
Lesson #5 Free for 2 hours

To continue with additional 10-hour packages, you may begin the payment plan again.

Contact me today and let me know how I can serve you!

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