Anthony Quinn on Michael Chekhov


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Anthony Quinn’s Life and Encounters with Michael Chekhov

Seeing Anthony Quinn on Chekhov is an exciting opportunity. Lisa Dalton interviews him about his life and encounters in Hollywood with Mr. Chekhov. Quinn on Chekhov demonstrates centers and radiating exercises, tells wonderfully amusing stories about Gary Cooper and other Michael Chekhov inspired actors. Quinn on Chekhov reveals his deep respect for Mr. Chekhov and the art, with humor, reverence and boldness. Quinn impersonates Michael Chekhov as he shares the story of how everyone who was anyone met at Russian Emigre actor, Akim Tamirof’s house to sit at the feet of Mr. Chekhov as he told stories. Upon occassion the group would beg for a little performance, such as the Lady with the Dog. One can’t help giggling along with Quinn as he shares his memory of Chekhov’s Lady. Quinn also tells and demonstrates his Chekhov inspired interpretation of Don Quixote and Sancho Ponza. This approach also inspired the Broadway production of Man of La Mancha with Richard Kiley per a conversation Mr. Kiley and Lisa Dalton had in the 1980’s. Enjoy Quinn on Chekhov and ask about future conversations of Life and Encounters with Michael Chekhov.


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