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Michael Chekhov Workshop *Non-Certification Track for Students
Balance Due by Invoice May 25/Dec.20, 2017 will include Playbook Cost of $40 and Balance of Tuition.
  • Michael Chekhov Playbook……………$40
  • Summer Housing is Dorm $35/night. Winter Housing will be at an extended stay style hotel approximately $350/week.
  • To Pay in full via invoice, request information at

If it’s Chekhov, It’s FUN! This track, led by Wil Kilroy & Lisa Dalton, offers a complete immersion with 60+ hours of pedagogy, 200+ page training manual, syllabus support for teachers and self-development support for Actors. A closely mentored program with strong emphasis on your ability to learn a cohesive approach to Acting, Directing and Design for stage and film with Michael Chekhov’s theories. Team taught since 1994 by actor/teacher/directors who work professionally in all of the above capacities on stage and camera. #michaelchekhov



National Michael Chekhov Association NMCA Chekhov Workshop

Student Track

Our Summer ’17 session has a few spaces open.

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Dec. 28, 2017-Jan. 3, 2018 Gainesville, FL

June 4-10, 2018 Las Cruces, NM

 “Students who take the NMCA course for one week come back a Year ahead of their class.” Kevin A. Marshall, U of FL

If you are acting, educating and or directing/designing in theatre or film, this course provides the most comprehensive immersion into Michael Chekhov’s approach to acting, directing and teaching. Taught in a rapid style that is welcomed by today’s students, the entire scope of tools is covered at least three times with experiential sequences of discovery and play, improvisation, scene study and deeper insights. This session will bring to you the students’ experience of learning these ways of teaching acting and movement classes. After bringing this knowledge into your classroom, you may choose to begin the NMCA Certification Track, arriving filled with confidence about what you do know AND what you want to know more. You will be ready to discover the more subtle nuances of the pedagogy and the teaching styles and challenge your master teachers to support you with more specific mentorship for your personal applications. You are provided syllabus support, hand outs and ongoing feedback through the year if you choose.

*This non-certification track requires no commitment to submitting documentation, capstone projects, oversighted teaching, etc. While attending first as a student is very helpful, it is not a pre-requisite for the NMCA Certification Track, that can be entered directly.

If you want to be on a faster track to certification:



For High School and College Actors

Special focus on Chekhov’s Chart for Inspired Acting is offered in this National Michael Chekhov Association Chekhov Training Intensive.  Since 1994, this program contains the world’s most expansive exploration of Michael Chekhov’s Psycho-physical approach to training the complete actor-body, mind and spirit. We are carrying the spirit of Michael Chekhov into the 21st Century with fast and fun play.. You will discover fun and freeing techniques with applications to Stage, Film, Auditions, Directing, Design, Improvisations and Script Analysis, and then put it all together in a Finale Work-in-Progress Presentation. #michaelchekhov


  • Audition Techniques
  • Application to Scenes
  • Application to Improvisation
  • Clear teaching structure
  • Analysis to Synthesis
  • The Michael Chekhov Playbook, 200+ Pages  WITH CHARTS
Audition Techniques
Syllabus Support
Application to Scenes and Monologues
Application to Improvisation
Clear teaching structure
Analysis to Synthesis

Actor Track………………$945                          Early Bird by May 15/Nov. 15……..$895

Non-Certificate Educator …… $945     Educator as Actor by May 15/Nov. 15………..$895

College/High School students ………..$745     Early Bird May 15/Nov. 15…………….$695

Deposit to hold your seat for any program ………….. $200

Balance Due by Invoice Dec.20, 2016 will include Room Cost, Playbook Cost of $40 and Balance of Tuition.
  • Michael Chekhov Playbook……………$40
  • Housing at extended stay style motel is estimated at $350/week.
  • To Pay in full via invoice, request information at

This rigorous Chekhov Intensive is the longest established program in the world, with its faculty working together since 1989, developing a consistent path of an actor learning this approach for applications to Theatre, Film, Television, Directing, Design, Auditioning and SynthAnalysis.

We do recognize it is likely both the fastest paced Chekhov Intensive and the most challenging. It is great for today’s learning styles. For advanced training, teaching oversight, and mentorship, consider the Teacher Certification.

The National Michael Chekhov Association (NMCA) Chekhov Teacher Certificate requires attending two week long intensives, documentation required with each attendance and completing a capstone project documenting in video and text your demonstrating rich knowledge of the techniques, skillful dissemination of the technique and clear embodiment of principles indicated by Michael Chekhov and by NMCA co-founder and Chekhov Estate Executrix Mala Powers. Completion of attendance requirements does not guarantee Certification. Attendance as a student prior to beginning the Certification track can be an excellent advantage for a teacher seeking to meet the Certification Requirements. If you are eager to get started on the Certification track immediately, please enroll in that program rather than here.



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Course Dates

Gainesville, FL Dec 28, 2017 – Jan 3, 2018, Las Cruces, NM Jun 4-10, 2017


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