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Chekhov Teacher Certification led by Wil Kilroy & Lisa Dalton offers a complete immersion with 60+ hours of pedagogy, 200+ page Training Manual and syllabus support. A close-mentoring program with strong emphasis on your ability to teach a cohesive approach to Acting, Directing and Design with Michael Chekhov’s theories. Team-taught since 1994 by actor/teacher/directors who work professionally in all of the above capacities on stage and camera. The potentially fastest Chekhov Certification track possible (1 to 3 years, It is your choice!),  likely the most demanding of you, surely the most intimately mentored and completion of attendance requirements is not the guarantee of Certification. Your passion, knowledge and Creative Individuality must align with the principals you will be teaching.



National Michael Chekhov Association NMCA Chekhov Teacher
Certificate Track

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June 4-10, 2018 Las Cruces, NM

Dec. 28, 2018-Jan. 2, 2019 Gainesville, FL


Getting an NMCA Chekhov Teacher Certificate is for you if you are teaching and/or directing in theatre or film, because it provides the most comprehensive immersion into Michael Chekhov’s approach to acting, directing and teaching. Since it is taught in a rapid style that is welcomed by today’s students, your ability to retain the interest in your classrooms will increase. Most important, the entire scope of tools is covered at least three times in each session, with experiential sequences of discovery and play, improvisation, scene study and deeper insights.

Your First Session

As a student in your first session, you will have the same experience as your students will when you bring them the exercises and concepts. You will finish your first session with a huge set of tools to integrate into your upcoming syllabi. These will include basic exercises, concepts, improvisation and monolog/scene study applications. At the conclusion, you will practice teaching some of what you have learned, gaining personal insight from your master teachers about how to maximize your teaching style.

Your Second Session

After bringing this knowledge into your classroom, then, you will arrive at your second session filled with confidence about what you do know AND what you want to know more. At this time, because you already know what to teach, you will be ready to observe and note the nuances of “how” to teach.

With your growing understanding of the pedagogy and your teaching style, you are invited to challenge your master teachers to support you with more specific mentorship for your personal applications. You are provided syllabus support, handouts and ongoing feedback through the year if you choose. Private coaching is also an option.

Special focus on Chekhov’s Chart for Inspired Acting is offered in this Chekhov TEACHER CERTIFICATION TRACK for ACTING CLASSES.  



Complete in 1-3 years

200+ Page Teaching Manual WITH CHARTS
Audition Techniques
Syllabus Support
Application to Scenes and Monologues
Application to Improvisation
Clear teaching structure
Analysis to Synthesis

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This rigorous Chekhov Teacher Certificate is the longest established program in the world, with its faculty working together since 1989, developing a consistent pedagogy for applications to Theatre, Film, Television, Directing, Design, Auditioning and SynthAnalysis.

We do recognize it is both the fastest attainable Chekhov Teacher Certification and the most challenging.

The National Michael Chekhov Association (NMCA) Chekhov Teacher Certificate requires attending two-week long intensives, documentation required with each attendance and completing a capstone project documenting in video and text your demonstrating rich knowledge of the techniques, skillful dissemination of the technique and clear embodiment of principles indicated by Michael Chekhov and by NMCA co-founder and Chekhov Estate Executrix Mala Powers. Completion of attendance requirements does not guarantee Certification.



Additional information

Course Dates

Gainesville, FL Dec 28, 2017 – Jan 3, 2018, Las Cruces, NM June 4-10, 2018


  1. webmistress

    “Just finished directing a production of It’s A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play. Used Chekhov all the way. Events, climaxes, reversal of rehearsal , atmospheres, Imaginary bodies. It worked beautifully. Thank you Mr. Chekhov, Wil and Lisa.” Jeanie Coper Sholer, Oklahoma City University, NMCA Certified Teacher

  2. webmistress

    “As I sit here working on my additional documents for my certification, one year after my first CTI, I am astounded by how profoundly different my approach is to my acting, teaching, analysis, and directing. I have been forever changed. Thank you, Lisa, Wil, and Charlie!” Justin Lujan–new Chekhov faculty for University of the Arts, Philadelphia

  3. Kevin Inouye

    The Chekhov Teacher workshops gave me just what I needed at the time; a way to connect my acting and movement training, an affirming boost of joyful work to smooth the scars of grad school, and just a bit more pedagogical legitimacy to help me land the kind of tenure-track faculty job I was looking for. Both Maine and Florida were great locations in their own ways, and I value the friendships made with both instructors and peers.

    The show I’m directing this Fall will be my capstone project, and I look forward to both using the tools and returning to the NMCA to finish my certification.

    -Kevin Inouye,
    Assistant Professor of Acting, Movement & Stage Combat at the University of Wyoming

  4. Jeff Thomakos

    I have worked with quite a few acting teachers in my career. Lisa Dalton is easily one of the best. Her teaching is concise, thoughtful, and incredibly useful. To be frank, I use her exercises or quote from her in my classes pretty much every day. I can’t recommend her enough.

  5. Robb Maus

    I am currently pursuing my NMCA Teacher Certification and I have to say that working with Lisa Dalton and NMCA has been one of the highlights of my entire acting and teaching career. Lisa is a master teacher in every sense of the term and one of the most effective teachers of acting I have ever encountered. Her knowledge of the technique is unsurpassed and her joy in sharing it is obvious and contagious. She, Will Kilroy and Charlie Bowles create a safe environment from the very first moment and give artists the support and encouragement to truly explore and discover deeper truths both in acting and in life through the lens of Michael Chekhov’s inspiring and timeless techinique. The value of their intensives cannot be overstated! If you’re looking for true high quality training that will awaken your creativity and inspire you to new artistic heights, look no further than Lisa and NMCA! It’s the real deal.

  6. Joe Herrera

    I have taken the NMCA Chekhov Theatre Intensives 3 times now and as a result completed my NMCA Acting Teacher’s Certification in two years time! It was the best investment I have ever made in my theatrical career. By enrolling and being a part of the NMCA family and the teacher’s track, I have found a sense of self worth, empowerment, and a sense of creative freedom that no other acting program has ever given me. The NMCA pedagogy and their Master Teachers, Lisa Dalton & Wil Kilroy, have been valuable to me as an actor, teacher, and artist; so much so that the very same feelings of inspiration I felt while attending these workshops are now radiating unto my own students. If you are looking to grow exponentially as an artist, to expand your creative freedom, and to find yourself more frequently in that sphere of inspired acting – then look no further, you have truly found the source that will catapult you into the breaches of your Higher Creative Self! The NMCA is that place for you! Sign up and take that leap!

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