Michael Chekhov Technique Workout DVD with Lisa Dalton


Michael Chekhov Technique Workout with Lisa Dalton, Master Teacher in this one hour DVD designed to get into top “actor” shape! See how and follow along.


Michael Chekhov Technique Workout with Lisa Dalton, Master Teacher in this one hour DVD designed to get into top “actor” shape! See how and follow along. Discover how to cover the entire Chart for Inspired Acting in Mala Power’s Preface of “On The Technique of Acting” by Michael Chekhov, (Harper). See the excerpt below of added benefits when you synchronize your movements with the Lisa and the class on the DVD.

If you don’t have a Chekhov mentor to guide you in person, yet you know from reading or word of mouth that Michael Chekhov’s work is key to masterful performing, you can follow step by step these exercises. ThisMichael Chekhov Technique Workout is  a “must do” for an Actor, as Scales are to a Singer or the Barre to a Dancer. A menu offers the option to play all the way through, or to skip to specific exercises. Great for reviewing what you have learned or enhancing your understanding gathered from written and spoken Chekhov Materials.

Teachers, use this Michael Chekhov Technique Workout dvd as a substitute teacher when you are away at festivals!

Excerpt from Dr. Srini, Pillay

The surprising benefits of synchronizing your movements

Both physical exercise and meditative movement are activities that you can do by yourself. On their own, they can improve the way you feel. But a recent study found that when you try to move in synchrony with someone else, it also improves your self-esteem.

In 2014, psychologist Joanne Lumsden and her colleagues conducted a study that required participants to interact with another person via a video link. The person performed a standard exercise — arm curls — while the participants watched, and then performed the same movement.

The “video link” was in fact a pre-recorded video of a 25-year-old female in a similar room, also performing arm curls. As part of the experiment, participants had to either coordinate their movement or deliberately not coordinate their movement with the other person’s arm curls. They filled out a mood report before and after each phase of synchronizing or falling out of synchrony. They also reported on how close they felt to the other person.

The results were interesting. When subjects intentionally synchronized their movement with the recording, they had higher self-esteem than when they did not. Prior studies had shown that synchronizing your movement with others makes you like them more. You also cooperate more with them and feel more charitable toward them. In fact, movement synchrony can make it easier to remember what people say and to recall what they look like. This was the first study to show that it makes you feel better about yourself, too. That’s probably why dance movement therapy can help depressed patients feel better.

Putting it all together

Your mind and body are intimately connected. And while your brain is the master control systemfor your body’s movement, the way you move can also affect the way you think and feel.

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