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Whenever leaders face a problem, they automatically measure it-and begin solving it–using the Law of Intuition.  #8, John Maxwell

Today I took my dog and my cousin and her dog down town to Dallas’ Adolphus Hotel to have cider and sugar cookies while listening to the Turtle Creek Chorale singing beautiful music broadcast live on WRR. The hotel is celebrating 99 years, opened by Adolphus Busch of the AN-Busch Beer fame. There are so many other things I could have been doing today and indeed can say “should” have been doing and yet, I stopped to gift myself this treat.  It was a blast. Tibby wore his Tuxedo, Smokey wore a bow tie, and Mary and I had our black and red Christmas outfits.  The dogs were a big hit. They got lots of attention, especially from the chorale members who came over when they were done. A few actually got a little serenade from Tibby.

I still tend to go into withdrawal in these holiday times and the rainy chill invites me deeper into hibernation. So, no pity party today-just escapism.  My intuition says continue to escape. Go use that free movie gift card I won as a door prize–see Hugo in 3D.

I rely a lot on intuition. When I am teaching, I switch in the middle of class because I sense a change in direction is needed. Sometimes, departing from my tight agenda scares me. I see a domino effect of falling further and further behind my agenda. Yet, when I trust my intuition to shift, go off course, I have learned to trust that the outcome will actually lead me to a greater depth and impact than the course my intellect plotted out.  So, I am heading off to the movie, and I bet tomorrow, I get twice as much done.

And, if you read the comments from my pity party the other day–That randomly selected pic- the choice to select by random was an intuition I had that it would be perfect- was indeed.  My sister Wendy and I Climbed Step by Step to the top of the Pyramid in Coba-higher than Chichen Itzen. And yes, it was exhilarating. and yes, we had to stop, rest, regroup and recharge. We were in to it. Cool!

My big Sis Wendy, resting on our way up to the top of the pyramid at Coba, MX
My big Sis Wendy, resting on our way up to the top of the pyramid at Coba, MX

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