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Lisa Dalton is a certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, Coach and is also certified in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Ericsonian Hypnosis, and Neurological Repatterning with Chris Howard. She works with modalities such as Transformational Gestures, Psychological Kinesiology, EFT and has been a Voice Dialogue facilitator since 1993. She has spoken at the Conscious Living Expo in Los Angeles, where she had her own studio for 18 years.
She was awarded Woman of the Year 2002 and can be found in Who’s Who. She has been a guest on Lisa Gaar’s THE AWARE Show on Pacifica Radio, has taught at numerous universities around the country, was adjunct faculty at the University of Southern Maine from 1994-2007 and also at TCU, NYU and Maharishi University. She is an alumna of the University of Maryland and of Pi Beta Phi.



TJMT_Founders_sealLisa is a certified coach, speaker and trainer of the John Maxwell Team.

She is a Founder’s Circle Member personally trained by John and his staff to help you be intentional in your life, both privately and professionally, by working with purpose and having a solid plan.

Your greatest potential value can be awakened through the development of your personal leadership and your ability to take people with leadership potential and help them to make greater impact in the area of their choice.

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Private Coaching Available!

Peak Performance Living is a training program for personal development. Lisa Dalton can coach you in acting and personal self-development in many areas of life.

Lisa will personalize to your need a unified approach to developing the skill to act, the technique for any given acting medium, and the promotional networking required to get work. You choose the topic.

  • Fear & Performance Anxiety Management
  • Headshotology
  • Audition Coaching
  • Career Guidance
  • On-Camera Commercial or Film Technique
  • Script Analysis
  • Preparing Your Part


What is Peak Performance Living?
Quite simply what the title suggests. Living your life in a state of Peak Performance.

OK, how do you define Peak Performance?
It is the BEST Performance YOU CAN EXPERIENCE.
It feels fantastic; it feels effortless; it feels timeless.
It is perfect!
If you had it to do again, you would make no changes.
We love to feel this and we love to recall the moments like this that we have had or even witnessed, for years to come.

Are you talking about official performances like Athletes, Singers and Actors?
I believe it is possible for EVERYONE in every moment to develop ways to bring more PERSONAL PEAK experiences into their every day living. Each one of us has the possibility of Living more fully, joyfully and peacefully regardless of our health, wealth, activity and relationships.  The Peaks we have had may have been moments of fun at a party or completing a task at school or work, or as seemingly little as figuring another way to go to avoid a traffic jam.

Can you help me experience this?
That is exactly what my goal is!  And you will need to actually want to grow and change for it to work!

How can I learn about Peak Performance Living?
Lisa is available for coaching on line, via phone, skype, in person and as a guest speaker for your conference.

How does it work?
If you feel you are ready to commit to making changes in your way of living, your way of thinking, your moment to moment thought processes will need to be shifted. The power to do this exists within you already. Accessing it and learning how to use the untapped possibilities are what Lisa can help you learn and experience.

The Steps to start
Take a moment to jot down what your goals are–and that could be as simple as “My goal is to figure out what my goal is!” Then call or email Lisa to set up an initial free 20 minute consultation.

Coaching Fees and structure are outlined  here.

You and Lisa will discuss your interests and Lisa will propose the next steps and answer questions that arise regarding the collaboration potential.

Usually weekly or bi-weekly sessions with a minimum 3 month commitment produces the greatest growth. However, Lisa likes to begin with a few weeks trial sessions before making such a commitment to you. Your efforts will determine the path and Lisa will support you to the degree you support yourself.


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