Attention Candidates: Be Better Actors, Part 1.

 Candidates need to be better actors because voters elect images, not people.

Candidates: Actors know how to create images, ask Ronald Reagan. Lisa Dalton, master coach of Michael Chekhov’s technique and author of Murder of Talent says:

“Great leaders paint images of life that constituents want to live, just like actors paint the life of the story for the audience’s enjoyment.”

Our current political candidates generally lack the charisma to win a vote. Most people seem to be inclined at the moment to vote against a candidate rather than for one. Quickly, inquiry of political preference begets a whining of the distinct dearth of talented politicos. In other words, this condition murders our talented politicians. We, the public, settled  with “I don’t want to vote for anyone, but I will vote against…”

Inevitably, we face elections of successful campaigners versus elections of talented politicians.

After all, what talent wants to go through what one must to first be a successful campaigner? It seems only those who thrive on celebrity of their own device or the media’s vilification, can possibly gather enough votes to win. Candidates must throw stinky garbage to the press to trash the opponent while keeping afloat amongst the reciprocal sludge. I suppose in some sense that is its own talent. To me, that kind of talent is useless in creating a culture of freedom to pursue happiness.

Talent is a gift politicians need to balance the demands of ruling wisely, influencing colleagues, and appealing to donors and constituents. Political talent ripens with actual skill, experience and social vision. The source of the talent is Love.

Call me Poli-anna, but I believe there are up and coming talented politicians out there who need to be inspired so that future elections will offer real choice. Revealing and nurturing this kind of talent will win the “for” vote, and that is where Michael Chekhov’s Acting techniques can help the nice guys finish first.

In future parts, Dalton reveals acting tips specifically for the Don and the Hil. because there is still hope that true talent, the love of leadership, is buried inside at least one of them.

Author Lisa Loving Dalton is a Certified John Maxwell Leadership Speaker, Trainer, Coach; SAG-AFTRA DFW Board member; President of the National Michael Chekhov Association, and a retired Stunt Gal and comedienne.

Lisa fails to understand all the true issues of managing the great power of politics and has amazingly little opinion about how the country is best run. In true Libran fashion, she sees the weight of all sides on the scale. “Inspirational leadership is a talent I want to help cultivate in politicians.”



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