Dear Sisters, Dear Brothers

Dear Sisters, Dear Brothers

“God never stops being us

Let’s stop stopping to be God.”

Dear Sisters

So many amazing women fill my life with such riches.

They know me

They know themselves

I am safe standing naked before them.

What an astonishing feat to experience.

Simple, unveiled, raw, bleeding,

Wounded, radiant and glowing.

Powerless, hopeful and distraught,

Tears of beauty, sorrow and peeing-in-pants hilarity.

The space my sisters hold for me.

The trust and grace I am invited to share.

The openness that allows me to hold space for them.

Come vent to me

Come rage to me

Come breathe with me

Come stand in silence

Come sing to me

Come listen for me

Come crying, seething, giggling, profusing

Come pouring your wisdom,

Your stories, your nightmares to me.

For all of this you have welcomed from me.

You remind me of whom I can be,

Of how I can be.

Your beauty permeates every cell of

Your body, your mind and your spirit.

Every perfect cell

Thank you my dear sisters.

Your courage, wisdom, compassion and

Strength grow daily.

As we venture boldly speaking our truth

In the world, so the world changes.

As we own our divine rights to our

Gender’s capacity to channel love and

Compassion into the socio-politico-

Cultural aesthetics of life, so will our DNA reveal even more.

What has been

Denied, what has lain fallow, un-

Pollinated and buried will grow like

Wildfire and like fire, gifts the universe

With warmth, light and destruction of

The old and dead.

We are wiser spirits now.

We are women and girls in nascence and


I am a child raised by my big sisters.

I guide and protect my little sisters.

I mother and am mothered.

My sisters are inside my brothers, my Fathers, my sons.

My sisters are all colors, we identity as All identities.

We are the act of creation itself.

Earths and suns, beings unseen, unknown,

Unborn, unheard, unfelt yet ever present.

Call to hear us.

Sense to feel us

Look to see us

Breathe us into your being.

Exhale us into your expression.

Enfold our presence into your heart.

Know we have always been and are at

This moment present for you, in you

Because of you, as you around you.

We are you we are gratitude and Forgiveness.

We are peace and protection

We are fierce and fearless, fragile and Frightened.

We are erotic and nasty, delicious and

Poison, destruction, and tenderness, Seduction.

Shy and crude, shocking and shrinking,

Frizzy and straight, petals and thorns

Wrapped at your gate.

We are faith and therein lies our safety.

With you, I allow myself to know I am


Safe to grow,

Safe to be seen, heard and Felt.

Safe to be me, safe to be we

Safe and free.

Thank you dear sisters,


Lisa Loving Joan of Arc.

Dear Brothers,

So many amazing men fill my life with such riches.

Strength giving form to my sea of wishes.

You stand beside me, lifting my broken body.

You bow before my beauty even when

I am crumbled in my own muck.

You shield me from my enemies.

You have stood before me, broken and confused,

Wounded and striking back with fury.

Terrified of mother, of daddy.

You have wept naked in my arms and swept me off my feet.

You are child, adolescent, and man, father, son and daughter too.

You are rage, rape, control and violence.

Tenderness, vulnerability, submissive and shy.

You are castrated and privileged emasculated and cocky. Me, too.

And these times are rocky.

You step on tiptoe-so hard to know-which way to go

Shall I open the door for her or just let it go?

My brothers, thank you for choosing to be here now.

The latent powers within you are lying in the fertile soil of your leadership, your focus.

Soft power.

Power unafraid of HER.

Her within you.

That sister who receives, that mother who nurtures.

That father who protects, that son who sacrifices.

I love your strength.

I love your arms about me.

I have you in me.

See my trust and know my power is here to empower you,

For us.

Face your sisters naked and we will stand naked with you. # you too

You have been raped, violated, shamed and blamed.

Speak to me, your sister.

Come vent to me

Come rage to me

Come breathe with me

Come stand in silence

Come sing to me

Come listen for me

Come crying, seething, chuckling, professing.

Come pouring your wisdom, your stories, your nightmares to me.

For all of this you have welcomed from me.

Dance with us, your sisters.

Hear our brothers

Hear our mothers

Listen to our sons

Listen to our fathers

Being man as human being

Know her in you.

Thank you dear Brothers,

Know you are safe to be you,

To know and be love.




Joan of Arc

“God never stops being us

Let’s stop stopping to be God.”

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