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Fear Less Life Lessons From A Stunt Gal, Episode 2

Your Inner Stunt Player Back in Episode One, I spoke about loving fear and how you can find a way to do that if you listen to the message your fear is alerting you to and preparing for the danger. I also talked about how we can view our life as a movie and yourself […]

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Chekhov Teacher Certification

Michael Chekhov & the Art of the Chart of Inspired Action

Michael Chekhov & the Chart of Inspired Action A Playground for the Craft by Lisa Loving Dalton National Michael Chekhov Association Master Teacher Would you like to be able to get Inspired on-cue? Any time you want? Great! All you need is Michael Chekhov’s Chart for Inspired Acting! It’s in Mala Powers’ Preface to On the […]

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Thinking of Your Presents

“The future Depends on what we do in the present”  Mahatma Gandhi Enjoy Opening the Present! My step-son Marc at Christmas, 2010. I randomly went to my list of pix-picked this one which was listed only by numbers– had no idea even what, when or where this picture file would be–just hoped it might fit! […]

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“I needed to buy some time to build my credibility with the people. So I developed a strategy.” ( #14 The Law of Buy-In)  John Maxwell Perhaps the most notable Seventh Grade act of mine that relates to leadership unfolded in the spring of that year. I believe I mentioned that in 6th grade I […]

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in character

Character makes trust possible.And trust makes leadership possible. That is the Law of Solid Ground. #6. John Maxwell For some reason, 1963 was quite a seminal year for me. A lot happened in my world as we moved from Miami to the DC area. I met Dr. Martin Luther King, hours before he expressed his […]

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Big Hearts, Warm Hands, Deep Eyes.

#5 The Law of Addition We add value to others when we… …..Truly value others. …..Make ourselves more valuable to others. #10 The Law of Connection-Leaders touch a heart before they ask for a hand. John Maxwell As  I rummage through the hand basket of memories from grade school, there are some truly inspiring people […]

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